I am an interdisciplinary scientist, an AI-head, an old-school hacker, a jazz flute player and a proud father of a toddler. Did I miss anything?

As a scientist at GMU's department of Computational Social Science , I stand at the intersection of cognitive science, social and political science and computational sciences. Most of my research addresses application of advanced computational techniques to understanding of large-scale social phenomena.

As a Chief Software Architect of Deep Mile, Inc, I am implementing a system that will produce a symbiotic relationships between communities of practice and intelligent software tools supporting them.

I dig Python, Big Data, graph theory and distributed computation.


Social Network Analysis for Startups is a fun yet pragmatic look at the field of social network analysis that is targeted towards social media programmers and analysts, startup companies in social media space, and people just entering the SNA field. "A course in the book", it contains plenty of source code, sample data, and stories that will engage you and help you analyze data and synthesize the results into a coherent narrative.

O'Reilly Media - 'Social Network Analysis for Startups' is the perfect marriage between social network theory and practice, and a valuable source of insight and ideas.'

...Extremely clean, easy to read, with good examples. Fine work of art!

...book is fantastic for beginners in field of SNA. This book certainly be on my bookshelf for long time.

SNA for Startups is now available directly from O'Reilly, on Amazon.com, and at Barnes and Noble.

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