Sanjay Nayar has over 20 years of experience in analyzing and modeling enterprise organizational systems. He has hands-on experience in leading highly technical geographically distributed virtual teams in conducting operations analyses. He has led specialized technical teams in software development, and supported client operations using techniques such as Statistical Data and Text Mining, Modeling and Simulation, Agent-Based Modeling (ABM), Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Multi-Criteria Decision Making to deliver innovative and robust solutions. Sanjay relishes tackling complex problems in various domains, enabling clients to make well-informed decisions, especially those pertaining to how organizations and individuals within/without behave tactically and strategically in response to various inputs, and how they co-evolve and execute.

Sanjay's primary research interest is in modeling organizations from the bottom up. By doing so he hopes to enable people and organizations to be better prepared in their decision making, going beyond robust and resilient towards “antifragile” as defined by Nicholas Nassim Taleb. He agrees with Eric D. Beinhocker that while markets rather than companies innovate, a company or organization can take steps to make its strategy tree thicker and richer, and thus not only survive, but also evolve and thrive for a longer period. He plans to achieve his goal by using and modeling the large amounts of information that are now readily available within an organization (emails, documents, notes etc.) and over the Internet. While pursuing his Ph.D. and beyond, he plans to continue to conduct research in industry and apply the results of that research on a daily basis to solve complex client problems.