Cheryl Hansen

Cheryl Hansen was admitted into the PhD program in Fall 2006. She holds an MS-Education from the University of Maryland and a BA-Economics and Political Science from the State University of New York.

Cheryl's interests include using applications of complexity theory, agent-based models, statistics, and geospatial analysis to organize, analyze, and make predictions about international issues such as:

  • the development of sectarian conflicts between native and immigrant populations in Europe
  • the development of terrorist organizations and their strategies, both in response to official counterterrrorism measures and demographic change in target countries of concern to terrorists
  • international legal and illegal migration and its impact on economic growth and development in both developed and underdeveloped countries

Recently, she successfully defended her dissertation proposal entitlted "Theogenesis from Hetereogeneous Preferences and Cognitive Processes, Rational Choice, Freedom of Independence or Association, and Imperfect Information." Serving on her dissertation committee are: Robert Axtell, Chair, Computational Social Science, George Mason University; William Kennedy, Research Assistant Professor, Computational Social Science, George Mason University and Michael Makowsky, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Maryland.