Matthew Hendrey

Matthew Hendrey obtained his BS in physics from Georgia Tech. He continued his study of physics at the University of Maryland, College Park where he was a member of the Chaos & Nonlinear Dynamics research group. His research focused on spatiotemporal pattern formation in two-dimensional systems. In particular, he investigated the effects of spatial heterogeneity on the formation and dynamics of spiral and target waves. It was here that Matthew was first introduced to the ideas of complexity and agent-based models.

Upon graduation, Matthew worked at BiosGroup, Inc. where he developed agent-based models in a commercial setting. He developed a consumer behavior model for the IRS using demographic and survey data. The model explored the best marketing strategies that would increase the adoption of electronic filing of tax returns. He worked on a global financial markets model to study financial instability. Additional work included studying punctuated equilibrium in an iterated prisoner’s dilemma game and distributed control of shipboard power.

After a short foray into the world of short-term, automated stock trading, Matthew did data mining work at SRA International, Inc. He worked with IRS data to improve the audit selection process. He implemented a Random Forest model to investigate the variable importance in the severity of a disease using NIH clinical research trial data. He also analyzed Iraq battlefield data for patterns of activity.