Jose Magallanes

Jose Manuel Magallanes was admitted into the CSS PhD program for F'12. He serves as a graduate research assistant for Prof. Claudio Cioffi at Mason's Center for Social Complexity in a project funded by the National Science Foundation to look at how climate change may affect humans and societies in the next 100 years using computational models.

Currently, Jose holds a tenured position of Professor of Political Science in the Department of Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Peru where he has been lecturing on political methodology, decision making and statistics for political analysis. He has multidisciplinary quantitative and qualitative skills that he applies in teaching, research and consulting in computational politics using agent-based simulations, computational network analysis and computational statistics. Prof. Magallanes holds a BS and Professional License in Computer Science, an MSc in Technology Management, an MA in Political Science, and a PhD in Psychology.

Jose also serves as Director of the School of Research Methods for the Latin American Association of Political Scientist.