Cristina Cherkashin


Email address: cmetgher [at] gmu [dot] edu

Cristina Cherkashin earned her bachelor and master degrees in Computer Science from the Technical University of Moldova. Throughout her previous studies she focused and accomplished projects in the fields of natural language processing, web-crawling, decision making, and neural networks.

During her professional career she performed software engineering duties at Technosoft Moldova, where she also acquired management experience. Cristina mostly programs in C#, though she is well familiarized and also uses other languages like Prolog, C, C++, F# and some Java. Cristina also had an active civic engagement, supporting organizations as AIESEC Moldova and the MediaPoint Network in Moldova. Currently she is a PhD student in Computational Social Sciences at Center for Social Complexity of George Mason University. Cristina also has the honor being awarded a fellowship from the Open Society Institute.