CSS SEMINAR - MARCH 4 - Cristina Bicchieri

Friday. March 4, 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite
3rd Floor Research Hall

Cristina Bicchieri, S. J. Patterson Harvie Professor
of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics
Department of Philosophy
University of Pennsylvania

Trendsetters and Social Change

ABSTRACT: Trendsetters are the "first movers" in social change. To study the dynamics of change, we need to study the interplay between trendsetters' actions and individual thresholds. It is this interplay that explains why change may or may not occur.

Professor Bicchieri’s intellectual affinities lie at the border between philosophy, game theory and psychology. Her primary research focus is on judgment and decision making with special interest in decisions about fairness, trust, and cooperation, and how expectations affect behavior. A second research focus examines the nature and evolution of social norms, how to measure norms (consensus and compliance) and what strategies to adopt to foster social change. This research is more applied, and forms the core of the newly created Penn Social Norms Training and Consulting group. A third, earlier research focus has been the epistemic foundations of game theory and how changes in information affect rational choices and solutions.