Friday, October 17, 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite
Research Hall, Third Floor

Coupled Human-Natural Systems in the Andes of Peru: A case for Policymaking and a Computational Social Science Research Program

Jose Manuel Magallanes, PhD Student
Computational Social Science
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Social Complexity
George Mason University

Professor of Political Science Department of Social Sciences
Catholic University of Peru

ABSTRACT: This talk will present the efforts to understand and model the dynamics of a socio-natural system in the central Andes of Peru from which policy prescriptions and actions should come up and a research program established. The coupled system combines glaciological and hydrological systems whose watershed serves a single polity with both rural and urban populations that arguably represent the most strategic agglomeration (500K inhabitants) in central Peru. The modeling process addresses the adaptive responses of settlers to stress caused by economic, social, cultural and natural drivers to find out the possible emergence of conflict and migration that will compromise central Peru from the coast to the jungle.

The presentation will cover the role of the modeler in partnering scientific and traditional knowledge as well as devising strategies to make policymakers adopt the model and establish a computational social science research program in the Region.

This research is part of the Mason-Smithsonian Joint Project on Climate and Society, funded by the US National Science Foundation. The presenter is also being funded by his home institution, Catholic University of Peru, while pursuing his CSS PhD at George Mason University. The advisor to this project is Prof. Claudio Cioffi-Revilla This research project will be presented as the PhD dissertation.

Jose Manuel holds a tenured position of Professor of Political Science in the Department of Social Sciences at the Catholic University of Peru. He has served his country in the public administration of his country as consultant and high-level officer at the municipal, regional and national level, including the electoral and legislative institutions. He holds a BSc and Professional License in Computer Science, a MSc. in Technology Management, an MA in Political Science, and a PhD in Psychology, which were obtained Peru. José Manuel came to Mason in Fall 2012, and since then he has been a research assistant at the Center for Social Complexity, a teaching assistant at the Department of Computational Social Science while pursuing his second PhD.