Department of Computational Social Science Seminar Abstract

Friday, February 1 - 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite
Research Hall, 3rd Floor

Supporting Development Policymaking in Less Developed Places: A Complex Adaptive System Perspective and Multi-method Approach

Qing Tian, Asst. Professor
Department of Computational Social Science
George Mason University

Abstract: I present a conceptual framework that looks at human-environment systems (CHES) as complex adaptive systems (CAS) to study development in less developed places. The framework is intended to support development policy making by (i) providing a clear understanding of the state of CHES, (ii) analyzing dynamics of such systems, and (iii) designing policies accordingly and exploring potential policy outcomes with computer simulations. I use a case study at the Poyang Lake Region of China to demonstrate how agent-based modeling can be used in combination with other methods, such as social surveys, interviews, and spatial analysis, to provide a scientific basis for development policies in the context of climatic hazards.