Department of Computational Social Science Seminar Abstract

Friday, November 16 - 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite
Research Hall, Third Floor

Reallocation of Key Development Resources Using a Barter-based Mechanism

William Kosmann, PhD Student
Department of Engineering Management and System Engineering George Washington University

Abstract: During the course of any technical development, key development resources are initially allocated, then reallocated as portions of the development over consume resources. Almost always, both the initial resource allocation and any subsequent reallocation are done using expert judgment. The specific case of initial resource allocation and subsequent reallocation for the development of science instruments for NASA Earth orbiting and Planetary Science mission is discussed. The historical mean science instrument cost and schedule growth for 50 NASA Science mission developments is shown, illustrating the problem with using expert judgment. The results of using a barter-based resource reallocation mechanism on two NASA Science mission science instrument developments are shown. The design of a Netlogo-based resource reallocation simulation using a barter-based mechanism is discussed. Results from applying the simulation to a series of instrument developments are provided.