Department of Computational Social Science Seminar Abstract

Friday, March 23 - 3:00 p.m.
Center for Social Complexity Suite
Third Floor, Research Hall

The Dynamics of China’s Urban Structure: Integrating Three Lines of Research

Tim Gulden
CSS Research Asst. Professor
George Mason University

China is currently undergoing the most massive and rapid urbanization in world history. This process is placing tremendous stress on the the social, environmental, and built infrastructure of the region. This talk will outline an approach for modeling China's urbanization with an eye toward understanding its driving forces, identifying future bottlenecks, and guiding planning. The approach combines three existing lines of work: an agent-based model of the evolution of national city size distributions, a novel method for estimating economic activity using nighttime lights, and a pruned spatial interaction model. These three methods will be surveyed and discussed in the context of the proposed China model.