Department of Computational Social Science Seminar Abstract

Tuesday, May 10 - 10:00 a.m.
Research 1, Room 161

An Agent Based Model of Entrepreneurship

Anamaria Berea
CSS PhD Student
George Mason University

Entrepreneurship is a highly interdisciplinary area of research in social science. Researchers from different fields have defined entrepreneurship as a phenomenon of emergence; however, there is still an unclear definition of what constitutes an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is a microeconomic actor, yet there are differences between the economic theory of the firm and entrepreneurship theory. By shifting the focus of entrepreneurship towards the processes and interactions of multiple stakeholders in a complex environment, this research aims to discover the implications of different incentives for the allocation of entrepreneurial resources towards economic growth. In order to do so, I build an agent-based model where the “gazelle” or high-growth entrepreneurs versus the “next door” or marginal growth entrepreneurs are agents primarily (but not exclusively) endowed with different incentives for entrepreneurial action. Subsequently, this research aims to analyze the role of heterogeneous information networks for the co-evolution of “gazelles" and entrepreneurial niches, by expanding the model in an intergenerational setting. Therefore, the purpose of my agent-based model of entrepreneurship is to ultimately provide clearer insights into entrepreneurship theory