Department of Computational Social Science Thesis Proposals/Defenses

Thursday, May 5, 2011, 10:00 a.m.
Research 1, Room 302

Labor and Firm Dynamics: A Computational Study of Economic Networks with International Micro-data

Omar A. Guerrero
CSS PhD Student
George Mason University

This project advances the understanding of how networks emerge in labor markets (networks of workers and networks of firms), and how they affect aggregate labor fluctuations. The study approaches the problem through three main objectives: (i) the study of large-scale micro-data sets, (ii) the analysis of large-scale networks of workers and networks of firms, and (iii) the design of agent-based computational models. The researcher employs an interdisciplinary methodology that uses techniques from economics, computer science, statistics, artificial intelligence, and sociology. The author expects to create a model that incorporates microeconomic behavioral principles into a computational model that will generate realistic endogenous large-scale network structures and aggregate labor fluctuations. Thus allow a greater understanding of the nature of labor markets dynamics.