Department of Computational Social Science Seminar Abstract

Friday, April 1 - 3:00 p.m.

Simulating Shocks in Regional Economies: Application of Agent-Based Models in Understanding Natural Disasters

Syed Ali Asjad Naqvi
Candidate for PhD in Economics
New School for Social Research (NYC)

ABSTRACT: I will present an agent-based model of a regional economy that is struck by a natural disaster. Such exogenous shocks have a huge impact on the trajectory of the region and on the livelihood of its people both directly and in a way that is compounded by feedback loops of economic and social disruptions. Understanding the processes underlying the patterns often observed in the wake of disasters, such as population displacements, disruptions in the supply of goods and spiking of prices of essential food items, is at the core of an adequate policy response. This dissertation is based on the premise that modeling the economic processes that lead to the distributional changes resulting from an earthquake can be one tool in better controlling the impact of natural disasters.