Haiti: Natural Disaster and Crowdsourcing

Department of Computational Social Science

Supporting material:

Download model

Download sourcecode and data (requires MASON to Run)

Read more about default parameters and parameter sensitivity tests here.

Animations of Simulation Outcomes

Spread of information and agent movement (red dot) around one center (blue dot).


The figure above shows how density around the center increases over time based on the movie above.


Spread of information and agent movement (red dot) in a 6 by 8km area of Port-au-Prince.

Background Paper

Crooks, A. T., and Wise, S. (2012), Modeling the Consequences of Natural Disasters through Crowdsourcing, Volunteered Geographical Information and Multi-Agent Systems: Haiti as Test Case, HFM-201 Specialists Meeting on Social Media: Risks and Opportunities In Military Applications, 16th - 18th April 2012, in Tallinn, Estonia. (Presentation)