The Segregation Model | Variations on the Basic Segregation Model


The previous section explored only a selection of model scenarios presented within the paper, this section explore other parameter tests and extensions of the segregation model.  Specifically the section will explore variants of the model which show how the effects of different assumptions or variations on the basic segregation model change the outcomes on the pattern of segregation. 

Each section will briefly outline why the model was created, and how it varies from the basic segregation model.  The sections will then provide results, for the particular variations of segregation model and how the patterns of segregation emerge from the model. 

These variations include:

However, before exploring variations in the segregation model, a caveat is first needed.  While numerous variations or extensions of the model are possible, the following subsections highlight how certain assumptions affect the outcome of the model and how changes can easily be made to the basic segregation model.  Each of the following subsections in itself could be extended also to create further variations of segregation models.  For this reason, each model identifies where the code for the model can be found, allowing future researchers to explore these models further if desired.