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This page contains links to all the modelling code and data sets used within the paper. It was felt appropriate to provide this material for several reasons. First it is difficult for a modeller to provide a complete description of their model within the word limit of a publication. Therefore this additional resource allows for such a description.

Secondly, the one of the most thorough ways of verifying a model is to reimplement the model thus helping the modeller to become more confident as to the veracity of the model results (Hales et al., 2003). Thus through the availability of the source code allows for repetition and replication -one of the hallmarks of scientific inquiry and is an important facet needed to confirm whether clamed results of a simulation are reliable (i.e. can it be reproduced by someone else). The availability of the source code additionally allows the program to be 'open' therefore allowing modellers to see if there are any errors in the logic of the models or errors from analysing the results from the simulations.

Furthermore the results and the analysis section have links to specific models presented below and datasets used within each section.


Basic Model:



Segregation Models:

Basic Segregation Model

No Neighbourhoods model

Add and Remove

Density Model

No Random Searching


Preferences For Both Dislike

Preferences For Both Like

Polygon Random


Four Types

Four Types Combined



Hales, D., Rouchier, J. and Edmounds, B. (2003), 'Model-to-Model Analysis', Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 6(4).