Computational Social Science is the interdisciplinary science of complex social systems and their investigation through computational modeling and related techniques.

The aim of the Department of Computational Social Science is to provide our students with the relevant tools and skill set to investigate this new and exciting field through our unique degree programs.

Masters Program

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Model Gallery

An Agent-Based Model of the Housing Market

A simple agent-based model of a housing market built in NetLogo for a term project in CSS 610. In the model only the interest rates are set exogenously and the experiments are run according to the actual historical interest rates from the US. The results of these experiments are consistent with the bubble burst from middle 2007. Click here to read more

Meet a Student

Born in Iran in 1985, Meysam Alizadeh received a BS and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology and an MS in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh before joining Mason's Department of Computational Social Science as a Ph.D. student in fall 2013. His research background includes artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, and fuzzy systems modeling. Currently, his research interests are agent-based modeling, international conflict, civil wars, intergroup conflict, human cooperation, and opinion dynamics.

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